Book List

For those uninterested in navigating through the site.  Here is the list of my books, arranged by series and published date.


The Divine Potentials


Clarity (Projected Release Date: January 2019)

Not by birth, Not by Blood, But by Devotion

Daena Vultanne is preparing to become the leader of a mountain community. During her nightly ritual, a monster attacks and mortally wounds her younger sister.  Daena attempts to reach her but is also injured. Luckily, they are both rescued by a messenger who has come to deliver a message to the current leader. His selfless deed causes Daena to question everything she has ever know as well as her future in the community.

Copyright   Aida Art   , (at) gmail (dot) com

Copyright Aida Art, (at) gmail (dot) com

FarSight (Release Date: TBD)

Never Look Away

Kell Stevyns is cursed with seeing a person's death. The curse is activated by touch and nothing anyone can do will stop it from coming true. Accompanying the visions are a sleeping spell in which she has lately seen her own death as well as that of a strange woman. The woman is to be executed for murder. If Kell can learn to see this curse as a gift, then both women may survive. 


Remedy (Release Date: TBD)

She Went for the Kill and Found Redemption

Druj is an assassin of the Marg guild who fails in an assignment and is forced to follow the target, a small child, across the country in order to complete the mission. The child, meanwhile, has ended up in the hands of her former lover, who she cursed after he tricked her into destroying her village. Now she must decide if she can forgive him and give up her mission. Doing so will yield both redemption and salvation, because the Marg guild has marked her for death and the one assigned the task always gets their target.

The Seven Sceptres (Anthology)


Accura, the goddess of chaos, has begun to unleash her newest plot to send Cetros spiraling into turmoil. Once her brother and sister gods and goddesses learn of her scheme, most bring forth their champions to try and restore order while the others attempt to take advantage of the situation for their own purposes. Will their lack of a cohesive plan only serve to further Accura’s cause and doom Cetros to be forever ruled by chaos? Or will the champions succeed in their quests and allow their world to regain some semblance of normalcy? This anthology includes seven stories, one for each of the gods and goddesses of Cetros: Chaos, Magic, Death, Plants and Earth, Animals, the Seas, and Weather.