The Divine Potentials Series



The world of Mahraspand is composed of seven continents: Bareshwo (northwest), Frahaf (southwest), Wouru (north), Arezahi (center), Hafshu (south), Sawahi (northeast), and Wadif (southeast).  

Currently only Sawahi is available.

Note: More of this map will become navigatable as books in the series are relased.


The Divine Potentials

A Divine Potential is an ability that embodies a god or goddess.  There are 7 divine potentials total, outlined below, which every 10,000 years a person/creature is either born with or obtains through a major event. Presumably, if a being could live for over 10,000 years then two might possess the same ability, but it's impossible to live that long. The only exception is Permanence, which can only ever be possessed by a single individual.

It is unknown where these abilities originated from or what about a person/creature leads to them gaining it. However, it is theorized to have something to do with the World Tree, Gaokerena, which exists at the center of Mahrahspand, but that is mostly speculation. Also, the bearer does not necessarily have to be of the same gender as the deity they embody to gain the ability.

The Divine Potentials are:

  • Clarity     

  • Embodies Aspen, the Goddess of Devotion and Pure Thought

    Those with the Clarity ability are able to articulate and convey messages full of meaning and depth with relative ease. Many become public speakers in one fashion or another. Furthermore, they can construct definitive arguments and have a higher likelihood of swaying the minds of those spoken to. They are also capable of better understanding situations and how to respond to them (although this is not innate and must be worked at). Finally, those with this ability tend to be devoted to a higher cause, be it moral or immoral, and will focus all their intention and drive (and often their physical resources) on achieving that purpose.

  • FarSight     

  • Embodies Vohuman, the God of Knowledge

    Those with the FarSight ability are able to see past and future events. The amount of distance into the future or past that they can see is solely dependent on their ability. Since the bearer can see the future, depending on their ability, they may also be able to see multiple versions of the future, which in turn can allow them to change events to alter that future. And to the same extent, if their ability is limited, then they can suffer from "tunnel vision" in which only one portion of the timeline (past or future) is witnessed.

  • Fluency     

  • Embodies Sraosa, the God of Language

    Those with the Fluency ability are able to understand all manners of speech and text, as well as speaking and writing it (although the writing part is largely dependent on practice). This ability augments the normal sense of sight and hearing, and as such, if the bearer loses either, that portion/all of the ability is lost. Restoration of either sense will, however, restore it.

  • Justice     

  • Embodies Zurvan, the God of Virtue

    Those with the Justice ability are driven by the sole purpose of helping others, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They also have a higher likelihood of success in any of their plans, and a decrease likelihood of fatal mistakes. They aren't immortal, so they can still die. Furthermore, they have a tendency to attract evil, be it men, monsters, or other. But those with the ability are able to pick up weapon skills relatively easily and have a higher degree of defense and pain threshold. So it tends to balance out.

  • Permanence     

  • Embodies Ameretat, the Goddess of Immortality

    Those with the Permanence ability can never grow old or die. They can still be injured and their wounds heal at normal intervals, but all wounds heal, regardless of how fatale it may seem. The only way for a bearer of Permanence to die is to lose the ability, which happens after 10,000 years when a new being gains it. When that happens, the previous bearer will gain all the years they missed while imbued with the ability. There has never been a way to prevent this rapid onset of aging from happening.

  • Remedy     

  • Embodies Haurvatat, the Goddess of Health and Well-Being

    Those with the Remedy ability are able to heal all manners of injury and abnormal conditions through touch alone. The speed with which they are able to achieve this is dependent on both the bearer's and the target's conditions. There is also an unknown additional factor that affects the strength of the ability. Those with this ability cannot, however, heal themselves, and can still die.

  • Transference     

  • Embodies Khsathra, the Goddess of Sense and Desire.

    Those with the Transference ability are able to move objects between locations. Usually it requires a single swap one-for-one of locations. That is, you must exchange the location of one object for another. However, there are legends that tell of those who could move objects freely without the cost of exchange.

Each book in the series centers around one person/creature posessing a Divine Potential. However, other divine potential bearers can appear within the story.

Click on a button next to a divine potential to discover the person/creature currently or previously possessing the ability (if known).