And We're Live On Facebook (Again)! or "Houston We Have Lift Off...Maybe"

So yeah, @esteinauthor on Facebook is back up.  Not sure what I did differently except that this time I added more security and a photo of myself (not really, its' actually the cover of my first book Clarity).  Thanks, James, for that awesome suggestion!

So now I can chat with all those amazing, wonderful, awesome, interesting people who have no idea who I am, so long as they are interested in being my friend (it's like High School all over again, but without the acne). I've begun to gather a few in my horde, but apparently if I go too fast or too long, then I'll be locked out again (Talk about performance anxiety!).  I'm solely looking at it as a way to gather support for my novels, but perhaps overtime I will leverage it more as a means of communication.  Certainly a few of my "friends" aren't capable of (won't?) communicating any other way, and Facebook does have this (Sorry, Steve! I still love your music).  It acts a lot like iMessanger but without being automatically on your phone. Also, for some reason, it doesn't have a hook into my iWatch, but perhaps I'm just being a whiny-steiny (as I say to my kids). 

In any event, things seem to be moving forward right now, and although I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or bad thing, it's certainly different, and different is better.