Order Members

The community of Iburdeen is made up of roughly 200 members segmented into three factions: the Priestesses, the Knights, and the people who run the compound (such as the cooks, the attendants/guardians, and the teachers).  Anyone can become any rank they choose within the compound so long as they work hard enough, however the role of Grand High Priestess/Holy Mother and Captain of the Knights of the Holy Order is by succession only with the current member nominating their successor.

Even though the compound is segmented, all members attend morning and afternoon services, meditation, and school (for the younger members).  Additional responsibilities/chores are then assigned based on the member's standing in the community. The rank of the member also affects the color/type of clothing they are allowed to wear; however, all clothing contains a Sura on the back.  A Sura is the holy symbol of the Water Godess Anahita, and is designated by twin wavy lines symbolizing the goddess' ever-flowing waters. The higher-ranked members have a Sura on both the front and back of the clothing.

None of the members are allowed to wear ornamentation save for two exceptions: Holy Mother Erethe wears a gem-crusted tiara with a silver Sura at the center of the band; and Chief Priestess Mobed carries an intricately engraved, emerald-accented wooden cane, required for her advanced age.

Below is the actual hierarchy of the Holy Order.  The colors of icon's next to their names indicate what clothing they wear and their associated rank. Those names in bold are high ranks, and the clothing will have a Sura on the front and another on the back.Click on a name to be taken to their full biography (if applicable).  Hover over the rank to see a small snippet of information. 


Holy Knights

All holy knights wear a blue tunic with a white Sura on the back. The difference in rank is designated by the number of lines sewn into the bands worn on their left arms.

Other Order Members

  • Head Chef
  • Cooks
  • Stablehands
  • Farmers
  • Heads of the Order
  • Donnas (Teachers)
    Hestra Nancet
  • Guardians
  • Construction Workers
  • Nurse
  • Record Keeper